Imitation Crab Meat

In the dark recesses of your mind

Shadows blue in opium haze

The painted eye of the junks stare

At needless spoils of unworth

Strewn askew while collecting dust

A thousand words in one selfie

Be awed by your vault o’ labels

Don’t fall into that shallow moat

Princess of Hoochie and Parda

Chinnel, Bweeton and Valencioga

Where o’ why did you get these

Aberrant trinkets of faux wear

Ya din’t know? Of course, you didn’t

Sentido-komun just flew by you

Cold, dangling of a pearl necklace

Black snakeskin purse of pleather

Buttery Hermay silk scarves flutter

There’s no food at the cubby

Rice cooker browned to death

25 cent Ramen from day to night

Kitkat bars and soda for lunch

Coffins are uniformly sized to fit

Tiny wisp of a girl in plebe’s coin

Left behinds stuff in mausoleum

Second hand goods do not matter

But imitation crab meat can be eaten

Consumed as a last communion

This dirge is a stark reminder

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2022

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