Mirror, Mirror?

Why are there mirrors in every room in your house

Yes, look around while I turn on the metronome

Why do you say I’m Fat when you really are not

Beauty’s from the eye of the beholder held squat

If you do not like what you see, what would you change

Pray tell, can you find anything to rearrange

Why are you scared to stand in front of the looking glass

Animals fight their images back, you’re aghast

Did you even know how to look at a mirror

Why do people look in front of it with horror

Has your face changed right after preening earlier

Did your wrinkles, acne, moles moved to a corner

Why do you always seek the mirror’s attention

Are you not worried of its little dimension

Did you know that there’s a woman looking at you

A trans woman but a human being worth her due

Does a mirror reflect the color of one’s skin

Can it really see the beating heart from within

It is likely for a mirror to be in love

When its own reflection is to be afraid of

Can you really judge a mirror by its cover

Why does it only dispense unheeded answer

Won’t it be prudent for mirrors not to converse

Do they not cast shadows leaning on the perverse

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2022

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