Unknotting of EGO

These words latched onto me like air. It’s just words, right? However if you think these words through and give it meaning, it makes you want to ponder how it was formed. 

Ever since I was able to put words together, it revealed a world of endless possibilities. The thought that I could sway, or to be succinct about it, manipulate life to go my way involved responsibility. I have to own up to it. It means I write what I know.  It was just a matter of time when I could tell stories. And boy, the stories I could tell.  

Be ready. To smell the freshly cut grass then walk through that prickly lawn with your own bare feet on a bright Saturday morning can both be a fleeting moment or not. What about the first time when you felt the soft lips of the person that made your heart aflutter? Remember when you were young and you looked up at the vast, cerulean sky and realized that there’s so much space around you? What about hearing that gentle breeze of sultry air flowing through the coconut trees while you dream of underwater adventures and being babied on a hammock?  Or just the feeling of sinking your teeth into one of those crisp, ripe, bright red apples and let the tart juice and sweet meat collide into one glorious and healthy feeling of satisfaction. Nothing will prepare you to read something that evokes the 5 senses. 

Imagination… Creativity … These words are not the same. They feed each other. One cannot BE without the other. Well, at least for me. Ego will be dashed out of the way to ensure a robust and fair assessment of these two. It’s not about me. It’s about my characters, their point of view and why they are flawed one way or the other.

Drama and conflict are two essential components that writers need to tell a story. I am nearing 60 now. I have a lot of experience in that realm. The stories I tell aren’t for the fainthearted.  It will most likely be about the people who live in the edges of ‘society’ trying to fit in and be accepted. It will be about something magical that will inspire others to think out of the box. Expect to root for characters and personalities that you’ll hate at first but then, something happens. Wink!  It will not be boring.

Writers are artists. We shape words, regardless of what alphabet we use, into something wonderful and worthwhile. 

To write is to smile, cry

Inspire, create

hate, kill, or die

vent, inform, beg

measure, design

but most of all –

to live

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2023

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