I’ve self-published a book. It is dedicated to my aunt, Leoncia Sibayan Gaspar. She left us last April 9, 2019. I miss her dearly . . .

The book is titled, Dear Father, I am Maria. It is composed of poems and a short story. The title of the book, Dear Father, I am Maria, is a compilation of persona poems about nine women whose voices for independence, the brutality of men, greed have all been culled into one piece. Another poem talks about someone whose belongings were thrown out on the street because he was HIV positive, his struggles to make ends meet and the ultimate sacrifice of a young life.

The one prose piece is called Welcome Home. It is a short story about a down-on-his luck former stripper versus an arrogant, entitled gay man set in the urban jungle of Manila, Philippines. These are two flawed characters who will go to any lengths to get what they want. 

This is my new life moving forward. I Thank you for being here.

You can reach me at DAWNAVANUDAY@GMAIL.COM