Legacy at this juncture . . .

Two books


Collections of poetry

Each tell a story to uplift unheard voices

Each begin with what’s percolating at the moment

From Dear Father…
From Tabo. . .

Dedicated with love and admiration to my maternal aunt, Leoncia Sibayan Gaspar (1923-2019)

That’s me and Auntie back then in San Francisco

I am on my own now

I don’t know how long I’ve got in god’s green earth

I will harrow fate and the devil to live life to the fullest

Tell the stories about positivity, loss, heartache and love

Elevate unlikely s/heroes

Empower aberrant characters

Challenge the current state of being

Repurpose it for the good

Weed through unanswerable questions of life

and love thru words

Join me in this journey for I have more stories to tell

Imagine me chatting with you in a cafe

In a small get together perhaps

Let me tell you stories rife with odd characters

that you may love or hate

Give me a chance.

All Rights Reserved © JOEGASPARAUTHOR 2021

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