Just Passing Through

There are tons of guys in the bay area

They sweat Madonna or Lady Gaga

Most claim to be single, some are partnered

Others are open, the rest are shackled

Pockets of ‘hoods have become bright and gay

The flag above the Castro still hold sway

With bachelors abound, a match is sure

The catch sometimes isn’t much of a lure

Love isn’t a game to be played alone

It takes two souls to circle the unknown

This realm of uncertainty the fates hold

Makes one marvel what they try to unfold

Magic potions extend life as we speak

After the plague decimated the sick

The cure is being held ransom by greed

To enrich the bloated while the thin bleed

How do you profit from one’s misery?

Where’s your sympathy, your humanity?

War-hardened soldiers prepare to engage

The battle for coin full of hate and rage

Hard work, love and compassion stoked anew

For a future we must forge, me and you

So we trudge through our daily lives looking

For the fantastic, the mundane and XXXing

In a lea of lost hearts, two shared one beat

A sheer moment form each side of the street

But one was going south, the other north

Banters in texts, coffee dates and so forth

The sword fight was a dud, uncomsummated

The fates tried, yet each was left frustrated

A higher power intervened and won

The game was played, the spark is all but gone

Back on our feet, the wheel keeps on rolling

Scurf upon layer of skin keeps folding

Till one looks at itself above a pond

Or gaze up the skies and relish the bond

One wonders about the ‘what-could-have-been’

A pride that stood tall, words that didn’t mean

A lifetime of sweet and sour no one frets

Through food, tears and laughter, any regrets?

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2021

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