I Want A Crown

What what? She won?

What happened?

First Runner up was robbed!

Did she sleep with the judge?

The judges were all women

She confidently aced Q & A

Though the questions were

Given to us backstage

Hmmm, uh huh, hmmm

She cried crocodile tears

“Ah din’t think I wuz gone win!”

We flocked and consoled

Nicer, stunned runners-up

The judges compared notes

They scratched their heads

At the results onstage

Well, most of us wondered

Miss Talent did Zumba

In short neon leotard

Slow, unpracticed and limp

While the others sang live

Played Tchaikovsky, beatbox

Wu Shu, Ballet, and Magic

Oh, Miss Best in Swimsuit

Long torso with short neck

Werqed that stage crisscrossing

Thumping those fat legs loud

And ugh, Miss Photogenic?

Should be Miss Photoshopped

Or Best in Filtered Selfie

Paid a team to prep me

Researched and studied well

Had a gown made to fit

Pruned my weight at the gym

Bought new boobs and a nose

Thanks to my general

Yes, we lived in a hut once

It takes a lot of guts

To put yourself out there

Walking the stage on heels

With my Mt. Apo walk

And be quick to answer

Stupid questions on issues

That have no relevance

Sixth pageant in a row

Always a runner-up

Sometimes the ‘thank-you girl’

Try smiling defeated

What will it take to win?

Is god saying something?

Ma says time to move on

Would it matter if I cheated?

I can be a good sport

Give him or her my hotel keys

Have some ‘Daddy’ pay my tab

I know the other girls did

Yet they still lost and cried

That chance did not matter

Fast forward, I have a job

A pageant/beauty consultant

Training girls to be confident

Be secure through make-up,

Bearing and conversations

Enable them to secure jobs

It’s my way of giving back

Does having a crown mean

Success and more money?

Will having a crown make

Me better than the rest?

Will my sons and daughters

Think less of their mother

A pageant non-winner?

They say it’s not the crown

But the journey to grab it

A test of fortitude

Character and patience

A worthy experience

Losing means learning again

Winning is in the eye of

the beholder . . .

All Rights reserved © JOEGASPARAUTHOR.COM

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