My Lumpia is Better Than. . .

A competition begins

The consuming of Lumpia

Empty stomach’s a must

Ready, set, inhale, devour

No, no, no, it’s not eggroll

You’ll be crucified, impaled

There is a huge difference

From real to impostor

Cooks are required four dozen

A detailed recipe card

Taste test around and score each

For looks, taste and X factor

The one with the highest score

Gets a trophy and a sash

It is now a tradition

That it happens on Christmas

The competition was stiff

Some were deep fried, sauteed, fresh,

Baked, pan-seared, half burnt, and grilled

Some added diced wagyu beef

Lumpia cannot be eaten

Without the nice dipping sauce

From chili-based, sweet-n-sour

Ketchup, mayo, or spicy

The non – Pinoys competed

Sacrilegious! Quelle Surprise!

Lumpia wrapper is a must

To be let in to engage

Dietary restrictions

Do not apply in this gig

Desserts and drinks are welcome

And bring extra tupperware

Bragging rights raised some heart beats

Tempers flared on cheating blab

Clever popularity

All in the name of lumpia

Yet in the end of the day

Your lumpia is no better

Than mine coz there’s a reason

Why we make these yummy sticks

It is all of the above

Lumpia was made with true love

To commune, engage, to share

Memories meant to be rare


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