Les Incantations d’un Gargouille

The Spells of a Gargoyle

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Aux eaux de l’ouest

To waters of the west

You and I work the best

We’re meant for each other

Now the wait is over

Bring thy soul to seed men

All the gifts that you can

You have all the power

And the force of nature

Aux vents du nord

To the winds of the north

I beseech thee henceforth

To keep me wet up high

For I live up the sky

Where I loom above all

To heed your clarion call

Thou can allay one’s fear

Monster am not my dear

Pour les feux de l’est

For the fires of the east

Bring all your rain and mist

I am not beast of stone

Or of steel cast renown

A heart rarely competes

For passion that it beats

I feel pain and sorrow

For men wide and narrow

A la terre du sud

To the earth of the south

Green leaves sprout up your mouth

You are the foundation

Holding my proportion

You are the solid ground

That guards me and surround

I kneel and pay homage

For your yen of knowledge

Je prie tous les coins

I beseech all corners

Join with the elements

Unleash all your tethers

Grab the fleeting moments

Come now, let’s take a stride

Lift your being above

We will guard all the pride

Protect and honor love

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2020

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