Haikus in the time of COVID-19

Hugs to the newborn

Clueless to human frailties

I love you to death

Tranquil assassin

Creeping into your psyche

Draw that sword of doubt

Face mask, staying home,

Six feet apart, Common sense

Hark the new normal

Siliconed fame whore

Puffed collagen, bloated scam

Vacuous and trite

Food, TV, Tik Tok

Minutiae to boredom

Please use a condom

Trenches snake of death

Life goes on bewildering

Air poisoned with hate

Breathe in, breathe out

Deeper and shrug your shoulders

Breathe, with your eyes closed

Body bags of white

Line up on the streets of grey

Smeared with gold and red

Children play and ask

Why do you need to stay home

Pets slant their faces

Social Distancing

Quarantine in paradise

Hell to the others

Veggies, meat and rice

Languid spirit and body

Mirrors never lie

Greed over people

A cult controlled by a few

Now shantay away

Love ones together

Creative living doth rule

Spend it sensibly

What’s with the face mask?

My freedom is compromised

Porcine golfer cares

Reinvent yourself

Cook, knit, try new yoga pose

Accomplish new skills

Tears tell their story

Love ones dying by themselves

Rest in peace alone

The last one was hope

Pandora’s Box is empty

A light in the dark

In this day and age

Coin demons set their domains

While sprites pray for peace

Love comes from within

It is the only vaccine

Worth sharing to all

Karma will cut You

Dead silent while it lied

ReThuglican rats


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