I Can’t Breathe

Rest in Power, George Floyd

The saints are disconcerted

Heaven’s gates got overcrowded

Blacks, gays, and unwanted children,

Yellows, browns, animals stricken

Suddenly showed up from beneath

They died protesting, “I Can’t Breathe”


The black men and women cried out

The lynchings from the trees of yore

To the gallows and knees no doubt

Meant that the people of color

Are not given the same freedom

Like the others in god’s kingdom


Pneumocystis Carinii

Concerned gay men with HIV

Some bashed in a blink of the eye

Trannies are killed without mercy

Suffocating Sexuality

Repressed closets are unhealthy


Unwanted children had no chance

Their lives were cut short in advance

Before they could inhale god’s wind

And breathe a life they are destined

Picture them happy, sad, loving

Curious and constantly dreaming


My world, your world, our encumbrance

Skin colors don’t matter nor care

Yet we bring out our worse to dance

As we all share land, sea and air

Put up walls, crush each other dead

No humanity, just hatred


God’s creatures shackled by humans

Caged as part of their possessions

Killed for sport, raised for their organs

Look through their eyes, their expressions

You see a soul, a life who shares

No judgement, kisses, hugs, and tears


White Privilege and Black Power?

Yellow Peril? Left, Right, Center?

Labels that rip apart belief

Equality caused too much grief

This race will soon become extinct

If armed hate slams grounded instinct


I can’t breathe! You can’t breathe! We shout!

Why the chokehold? Can’t we be loud?

We kneel to atone and reflect

Not to instill fear and effect

Fear, hypoxia, to maim and kill

Let me breathe, please. It is god’s will



Photo/Illustrations Credits: Kevin Kwong – https://www.instagram.com/studiokwong/

All Rights Reserved to All Artists.  joegasparauthor © 2020

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