A rooster belts his clarion crow

The sun quietly tiptoes up the horizon

A fat hen begins her usual pecking

         Get up you lazy bum

         You have to make money

         We don’t have enough food

Poor factories employ poorer workers

Barely alive, he showered and dressed

The budget was enough to cover everything

Yet there’s no food for the table?

            That son of yours eats too much

Mama has a lot of phone chatmates. That’s where it goes.

Don’t forget to bring home food

A still life of sliced bread and hot coffee

            You better go, you will be late again

Not a kiss nor a pat or even a faint smile

Hi ho… Oh no. It’s off to work I go…

Oh Paradise… another day

Mister . . , no. .  .  MASTER Job is a bus and jeepney away

He struck gold cleaning hallways and floors

Unexpected turn to market fluttered the heart

Nine months later, that union bore fruit

Happiness became a one-way street

Ah, yes. Wash basin and mop awaits.

The phone thrums.

            Where are you

            Who are you fooling around with

A selfie at work will do the trick

            I don’t believe you

            My slippers broke, buy a new pair

The replies were congenial and love emoji

The phone rings. A no-no at work unless  

         Why haven’t you replied my other texts

         I have spies in your work.

         If they catch you with a girl

         God help me!

The plebe has to work.

Phone set on IGNORE.

            Why don’t you answer me

The boss butted in. The afternoon was quiet

A prelude to world war three at home later

This happens everyday

Men do not hit women.

It should also be the other way around

Yet. . .

It is beyond reason to hit a child

            You are just like your father

She beat me with the broom for playing outside

               Mama pinched me for watching TV

         Your son is a nasty brat

         He’s useless just like you

I had a little break in the afternoon

            What? No replies?

         You guys are not that busy!

         Answer me back or else!

I texted back

            Why are you so mean to me?

Here I am trying to make you happy

            Put food on the table, buy you stuff

            What did I do to deserve this?

            Why are you so mean to me?

No replies

Well, here we go

I am about inches away from our door

The landlady glared and muttered something

I opened the door. No one was there

Only a bare mattress and my clothes


Note to self –

            Not all husbands hit their wives

            Not all wives cheat on their husbands            

Things will get better one day. . .

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2022

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