Under My Skin

In a One

                        and a Two

                                    and a Three

Shall we dance?

I do the

Dancing here

You just stay

On your seat

Tis a kind

Of dance you

will enjoy

Tap that beat

But let us

Dim the lights

Cue Barry

Spotlight on

Stage, at me

I am your



A codpiece

A loin cloth

Less is more

Undress me

with your eyes

Check out the

perky nips

on top of

molded pecs

gaze at the

hard rock abs

yes, you can

feel my thighs

with your eyes

I turn to

show you my

hard and round

cheeks down here

See. Just see

That is all

You can do

What does this

Body tell?

Am not rich

But not poor

I have smarts

I learn well

I am good

At all these

My kin is

all worth it

Those tips you

stuff on my

undies are

For books, pens

And paper

To write and

Craft a life

Smell the sex

reeking out

of me, babe!

That hormone

men exude

that I whiff

off for you

When I get

closer. You

must inhale

yes, deep breathe

Tongue stuck out

To lick my

lips to tease

This long tongue

An organ


your carriage

Raise my arms

for you to

see my pits

I see you

Come in and

expect me

to please you

Excite you

Bewitch you

Caress you

I need you

to sex it

and fuck it

with your lips

or your hands

I want you

To want me

A piece of

meat am I?

Let’s be fair

You sit there

on your chair

drinking beer

or red wine

your eyes dazed

at the stage

Yet I sense

from the short

longing stares

The whispers,

controlled breaths,

I smell the

lust out of

your psyche

I see you

losing your

mind over me

Do not judge

Just enjoy

I could be

your brother,

your cousin

or your friend

or a partner

worth knowing

I only think

at the moment

You gotta

enjoy the

moment well

You never

know it might

be your last. . .

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2022

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