Dear Father, I am Maria. The Book

Finally! The long-awaited debut book of poems and a short story is hot off the press. I can toot my little horn here, why ever naught!

“Dear Father, I am Maria” is a collection of poetry and a short story. It is about LGBTQIA and fringe voices that need to be heard where their struggles and triumphs all mingled into a simple literary canvas. It is also about life. It’s taken me at least 7+ years to compile, recalibrate and recraft all the poems and one short story and bring it to the front. It is a labor of love. It is self-published.

Copies are available at:

Pegasus Books, 2349 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA (510) 649-1320 –

Eastwind Books of Berkeley, 2066 University Avenue, Berkeley CA (510) 548-2350 –

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