The BAKET List

BAKIT is Tagalog for Why.

In gay lingo, it is BAKET.

It rhymes with BUCKET.

There’s a bucket list.

The BAKET List.

Connecting now?

Yes. It bridges to a list. A to-do list. It’s not really a Bucket list but a WHY list. To me, there’s a distinction. A bucket list are things one wants to do before the reach a certain point in their life. Buckets are mere receptacles to throw things that one will most likely forget, whereas, a BAKET list goes further: WHY would I wanna do it? Why am I bound to do the things in that list? BAKET? Gets niyo na?

Yes. Cue in the song aptly titled, “Why” by Annie Lennox. I don’t know why I went to this tangent. But I digress. There’s no drama. So whenever I play this song and loop it till high heaven, I’ll think of my BAKET list. It is exciting to make a list, think it through realistically and financially, edit here and there, and see what one comes up with. Will the exhilaration die down once I get to do any of the list? I hope not. Why do the list if I am not that gung-ho about it?  

Yes. It is corny but then again, if you expected anything different from my earlier posts, sorry! This passage may be a lighthearted take on the usual minutiae of life but it is important to me. I actually live by it. It is a stark reminder of what’s important – Life. Living life, its ups and downs, the good and the bad, you get it. Life is really short, moments go by so fast that it’s hard to jot them down, relive them and actually enjoy them during and after their fleeting existence. Then we talk about them forever. Those kinds of memories linger.

So the BAKET list is a start. Once each of the list is done, it will be hashed out to pieces. Whether it’s something interesting or not, the conclusion is that a connection has been established, a friendship forged, a memory gleaned over, and affirming life’s uncertainties and challenges and handle them the best way possible.

I am going to travel to near and distant places in the Philippines, in Asia, and in Europe . . .

I am going to publish a novel, a collection of short stories, a collection of poems and write other pursuits whenever possible . . .

I am going to write about multifarious voices, unheard of voices and unique voices . . .

I am going to visit orphanages, homes for the elderly, become an HIV/AIDS advocate, do as much to brighten my day as to help out people in need . . .

I am going to fill my days with positivity, root out the negativity and take care of myself physically by eating things in moderation and play as much Tennis when I can . . .

I must remember that I am not able to bring money to my grave, that it is a tool to survive, to play, and save it for a rainy day . . .

I understand that there’s a higher power whom I can’t see, hear nor feel yet believe in it. Faith and belief comes from within. I will continue to draw the positive energy from this higher power and use it towards the melioration of the flora and fauna in my universe . . .

It is my responsibility to keep Mother Earth unbridled from waste and negative energy and do what it takes to make her realm free of pollution . . .

This is my BAKET list. It is not a FUCKET List. It will happen. It will be written . . .

What’s yours?


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