The Essence of the Morning…

Have you ever been on your own at the edge of the sea early in the morning?

Were you able to breathe deep as the salty mist wafts all over your face and/or your psyche?

Was the place around you idyllic, rustic or even teeming with life as you know it?

How did the sand feel as you walked barefoot over it? Was it cold, warm or both?

Did you avoid the waves kissing your feet or did you let the cold seawater caress your skin?

Were you reflective? Tired? Happy?

Did someone break your heart the night before or were you longing for a hand to carry you to the threshold of bliss?

Why are you asking yourself these questions while on this early morning trek?

Were you out carousing the night before? What time did you go to bed?

How many beers, balut and empanadas did you stuff before you let it out later inside the (dis)comforts of your own room?

Why are you here? Did you just wake up in the morning to get away from it all? Did you leave your bed in good or bad spirits?

Did you collect rocks, shells and/or made friends with the natives? Did you have them braid your hair? Did you flirt with the surfers?

Now you know why your mates tell you to swim under a wave as tall as a building? Not over it, right?

How much sand did you eat? How many cups of saltwater did you drink?

Did you even dream that you will even get this far in your life?

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?


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