Every Morning


by joegasparauthor


Doldrums of a night afore

Flying and puppy dreams do score

Kissed that cute thug on a lark

Whoo! All these and it’s still dark


I’s the black girl astronaut

Who helmed spaceship Camelot

The first flying saucer up high

That skipped stars above the sky


Lying still in bed, eyes closed

Covered warm, left toe exposed

French kissed pillow, it’s a shame

I can’t remember his name


Yet I dreamt to have invented

A machine yet presented

It translates animal sound

Into words we can expound


Deep breathe! It smells of morning

Foetal pose, I’m still dreaming

Tick Tock Tick Tock says the clock

Rooster screamed, ”Get off the dock!”


In a lab, I discovered

A cure for all, uncovered

No more drugs, no pills. It’s free

It’s from earth. Not from money


Dulcet songs of birds held sway

As they flew from far away

Winds do blow, the sun rises

A new day of surprises


Think of it as a blessing

To be alive and breathing

Create possibility

That’s why we’re here, you and me


Awake to see a ceiling

A canvas to start painting

For the day, a beginning

I do this every morning


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