When that Time comes . . . .


I’ve been thinking about growing old lately and what it entails; how to live on measly retirement or social security, health care, where to live comfortably and so on. As I get to understand my 94 year-old maternal aunt and the relative comfort she’s in at this point, it was sort of trying to find my own way when my time comes. I am turning 54 soon. I wonder when’s the best time to retire. I got a friend to look at the numbers and it is bleak. I know I will retire after I am 60 years old, should I get there.

When I was young, I knew that retirement meant saving as soon as possible. Yet, what happens if I die ahead of that particular age? A friend said, “Always live in the moment, not tomorrow, not yesterday but now.” This has been my mantra going through life but I can’t help think that it would be wise to save for a rainy day. I care less about material things. It is more about surviving, being on my own, where should I live? Who would take care of me if I am not physically able? How will I pay for health insurance? Questions abound of course and it is only apt to do so considering all the possibilities.

It is possible that I could gamble some money on the lottery and strike it rich and live happily ever after. (Rolls eyes) What kind of a dream is that? What is money really? Will a lack of it deter us from doing what we want to do? There are ways to save it and sacrifice a movie date or that nice sofa for a rainy day.  How to do so is another story. Each of us have our own way to deal with these kind of circumstances. There is no set pattern to true upon when it comes to retirement.

For now, I will save as much as I can. It is not too late.


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