W h i t e

Panglao sand at dawn

Sugar Walk

Crisp white linen shorts

Candles lit

Citron air wafting

Early drops of dew

Rising sun

Vast blue, gold soaked sky

Frogs croaking

Jasmine-coiled trellis

Lizzy and Thelma

Gabe and Troy

Ave Maria

by Guonod

Hands held together

Cupid’s hammock sway

This moment

The unions of souls

A blessing

Common bonds of love

Pride twelve years ago

Troy cursed Gabe

He dances with Troy’s date

Greenish peeve

Death stares and hissing

Lizzy lived afar

Met Thelma

Online through Gabrielle

Arrows naught

Cupid with laptop

A chance encounter

Club Eros

Troy blew air behind

Gabe groped back

Then it all began

The cuts on Gabe’s wrists

Those forced smiles

Questions unanswered

The truth hurt

Troy left in haste, pained

Lizzy sends money

For nursing

A small store to earn

A hovel

Is all Thelma lives

Gabe contemplating

One last slash

Troy texted to meet

Blood trickled

Troy found him heaving

Thelma was broadsided

By a bus

Liz flew to find her

Needing blood

Lizzy kissed Thelma

Gabe passed the white gates

He was stopped

Thelma followed suit

But fell back

Not yet, someone said

So now, dry those tears

Sink on sand

Reception and life

Awaits here

White clouds looked happy

All Rights Reserved © joegasparauthor 2023

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