Dear Desideratum Diffusif,

the burden of flesh has ended. the last gasp of air inhaled. a specter oozed out of its fleshy envelope. memories hovered then came the sweeping. the modicum of rituals all but started. ending a thud on hollowed ground. a bulk morphed to ash through fire

ah, the prickly subject of coin. tied up forever by choking rope of thorns. to be civilized and stave off debenture. lucky smart enough to obtain annuity. a lark now reality to be put to pasture. miserly saving for one end of a rainbow, its colors dripping, slipping.

stop. stay freaking fifty feet forever. roads on my face featured your speed bumps. never rent a space in my head anymore. am rounding the pieces of a fractured ego, changing stripes anew without you.

i’ve no one to take care of anymore. shared home-cooked meals. scrabbled without the dictionary. played penny slots or watched frogs fart through the telly. knitted coconut fronds for easter, focused on not tomorrow.

oh freedom. I wanna fuck you. all my pent-up anger released into sun dust or moon beams. don’t let it bear fruit. those seeds dried up. not meant to nurture. nut my nature.

wander and lust around find temp an enclosed square. a bed, a bathroom, chair and table, electricity, wi-fi, fresh fruit and vegetable garden next to the beach, to the hills, to other skin.

you tell us; eat all the fresh food. commune with friends. post and collage images. write doodles to remember them. stay and wake up late and enjoy a fresh cup of air. never stint on home grown chocolate. pour your brand of love into that tiny hole on the ground.

wanting and waiting,

virgie dalobo

All Rights Reserved © JOEGASPARAUTHOR 2021

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