Click Clack

Dance of the Bayots***


Click, Clack, Click, CLACK

A Party of Sorts

Up the Barrio

Boys in dresses

They all dolled up

All dolled up, CLICK

Sashay, you go

Shantay, you stay

Swish, to the right

Swish, to the left

To the left, Clack

You butch man you

Can’t it all

Rough and tumble

Pink’s your color

Your color, Click

Unicorns Rule

Rainbow flags wave

Beam all the pride

Do change the world

Change the world, Clack

Rise up and shine

Rhinestone or not

Glitter does not

Make bayot shine

Bayot Shine, Click

We live, let live

We not hurting

Anyone, mind

Respect begets

‘Spect begets, Clack

We hurt just like

We bleed like you

We smile and cry

Hate, love, destroy

Love, Destroy, Click

Yes, we destroy

Hateful people

Fuck ignorants

Gaga ka gyud

‘Ga ka gyud, Click

That’s my boyfriend

Why can’t you find

Another boy

Husband stealer

‘Sband stealer, Clack

Wife hunter

It’s all the same

Be ready and fight

For love and lust

Love and lust, Click

It’s what we live

For, and then some

Let’s dance, Be Mary

A party of sorts

*** Excerpt from my book – Tabo Unfiltered

All Rights Reserved © JOEGASPARAUTHOR 2021

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